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Boards & Easels

Whether you need a whiteboard that will last you to the end of time or one that can withstand a harsh working environment, we have the ideal fit for you. Choose from our extensive board and easel lineup to find your collaboration piece that will make all the difference.

Bulletin Boards

Ingenuity™ Combo Boards, Ingenuity™ Cork & Fabric Boards, Polarity™ Mesh Bulletin Boards
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Portable Easels, Flipchart Easels
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Glass Whiteboards & Dry Erase Boards

Clarity™ Custom Print, Clarity™ Glass Whiteboards & Personal Whiteboards
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Magnetic Whiteboards

Polarity™ Magnetic Whiteboards
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Melamine Whiteboards

Ingenuity™ Whiteboards
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Porcelain Whiteboards

Polarity™ Porcelain Whiteboards
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Chairs & Chair Carts

Stacking chairs and folding chairs are widely used for all sorts of events indoors and outdoors. Our Rough ‘N Ready line of chairs won’t mark your floors and provide comfortable, contoured seating on a tough frame for maximum durability.

Want extra room? Our Big & Tall selection of stacking chairs deliver a comfortable seating experience to our tall friends, or anyone preferring a larger seating area.

Folding Chairs

Rough 'N Ready Folding Chairs
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Folding Chair Cart

Rough 'N Ready Folding Chair cart
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Cafe & Bistro Seating

CafeWorks™ Cafe & Bistro Seating
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Stacking Chairs

Rough 'N Ready Stacking Chairs
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Our desks are both made of double-walled blow-molded high density polyethylene, making them extremely durable, fast and easy to clean, impact resistant, and maneuverable. SnapEase™ is our no-hassle quick-fit solution that fits together in minutes, while our Aspira™ series provides a stunning, durable home or office desking solution.

Modular Desks

Aspira™ Desks
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Computer Workstation Desks

SnapEase™ Desks
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We create tough four-shelf and five-shelf open storage solutions that readily hold the items you need, when you need them. Our four-shelf model is great for most uses, and our 5-shelf model really shines when you need to openly store heavier items.

Locking storage cabinets are ideal fits for any garage or storage area, allowing you to securely lock up any items that should not be out in the open. Made from blow-molded high-density polyethylene, these storage cabinets are extremely durable and quickly wipe clean.

Open Storage Shelving

Rough 'N Ready Shelving
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Locking Storage Cabinets

OfficeWorks™ Storage Cabinets
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Seating & Storage

OTTO™ Seating & Storage
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Tables & Table Carts

We know the powers of a good table. They can bring people together, provide a wonderful relaxation spot, offer a nice workspace, enhance connection zones or eateries, among many other uses. We did the research for you. What table is right for your needs? Just ask us!

Folding Tables

IndestrucTABLE™, IndestrucTABLE TOO™, Maxx Legroom™, Wood Laminate
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Folding Table Carts

Rough 'N Ready Folding Table Carts
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Ergonomic Tables

ARC™ Sit-to-Stand
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Conference Tables

OfficeWorks™ Freestyle, OfficeWorks™ Mobile Training, OfficeWorks™ Conference Table Tops & Bases
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Hospitality Tables

CafeWorks™ Cafe & Bistro Tables
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